Sparq360 Achieves Ecovadis Certification

SPARQ360 Achieves EcoVadis Certification

SPARQ360, a global leader in sustainability compliance and supply chain optimization, achieved a bronze medal from EcoVadis, placing it in the top 35% of rated companies worldwide.

January 23, 2024

SPARQ360 received its Bronze medal rating from EcoVadis, the leader in holistic sustainability ratings. This rating places SPARQ360 in the top 35% of rated companies.

“As we support our clients in achieving EcoVadis ratings, it seemed important to go through the process ourselves. We learned a lot and are now even better prepared to take on these efforts on behalf of our clients,” said Phillip Glass, Head of Sustainability, Americas.

SPARQ360 currently supports companies globally in achieving ESG regulatory compliance and market-driven ratings, such as those provided by EcoVadis.

“Every month we receive calls from companies who are losing existing clients or not qualifying to bid on new business because they lack a sustainability program or an EcoVadis score,” said Evan Junker, Chief Growth Officer. “The market is not the way it was two years ago – or even a few months ago. Areas not previously covered by ESG requirements are quickly being hit with market-driven demands for sustainability. It is becoming a critical aspect every business must contend with to remain competitive.”

SPARQ360 currently offers both workshop-style trainings for companies as well as full-service sustainability assessments and EcoVadis submission programs to its clients. For more information, visit

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