Leverage EcoVadis and Smartway Certifications to Build Your Business

More and more companies are demanding certifications to submit bids on RFQs.
Stop losing business and gain a competitive advantage by getting your EcoVadis or SmartWay certification. We can help.

Are you losing business because of your sustainability program?

Get an EcoVadis Certification

With all the demands of running your business, the last thing you need is the hassle of learning the requirements to get a certification, identifying the process gaps in your systems, and going through the hoops of gathering and submitting the data. All while running the risk of being stuck with a low score for a year until you can resubmit.

By hiring experts who do this work every day, companies can save time and money while receiving higher certification levels.

SPARQ360 has helped dozens of clients prepare and submit for their EcoVadis certification. Our approach also allows us to develop a sustainability roadmap as part of this process, allowing your company to optimize your certification level and align future plans to corporate objectives and cost savings.

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John Gilbert

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Are your clients expecting a SmartWay certification?

Get a SmartWay Certification

Industry emissions certifications like SmartWay are increasingly becoming a requirement of companies’ management, customers, and investors.

What used to be a competitive advantage is now a basic requirement.

The SPARQ360 approach will help you prepare and submit your application so you can become certified. By combining supply chain optimization with sustainability measurement and reporting, SPARQ360’s unique approach empowers companies to leverage information while finding cost-saving opportunities. As a result, many of our clients qualify for more bids and increase their competitive advantage by reducing costs.

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