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Is not having an EcoVadis Score costing you business?

Don’t be left behind. More and more bids are requiring an EcoVadis score or a sustainability plan to even compete for business. Market pressure combined with the increasing regulation within the industry makes an EcoVadis score more relevant than ever. SPARQ360 helps business leaders understand the needed requirements, identify process gaps and prepare for submitting their EcoVadis application so that they can receive an acceptable score.
Is not having an EcoVadis Score costing you business

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RCS Logistics

RCS Logistics

Reduce the Headache of
Global ESG Compliance

With the onslaught of compliance requirements around the globe, understanding and meeting your obligations can be a challenge – but it can also lead to competitive advantages when done well.

SPARQ360 supports companies seeking to streamline their global ESG compliance – guiding them through the assessment, gap analysis, roadmap development, implementation, and reporting.

Current State Analysis

We start by gathering all of the informaiton necessary from you and your suppliers.

Gap Analysis

We benchmark this current state against industry best practices and regulatory demands.

Strategy Development

We work with you to develop a strategy roadmap and implementation plan.

Scope 1, 2, and 3
Emissions Calculation

Are you frustrated by the resources, expertise and technology required to engage all your internal and external stakeholders to report on all three emission scopes?

You are not alone.

Many companies have continued to delay their efforts to develop their compliance and reporting infrastructure, but the time is now. SPARQ360 understands this challenge and has supported countless companies in their compliance journeys. We can help you too.

We understand all the components of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, including what data is needed to calculate each category and we have the technology to collect the necessary data from all the diverse internal and external sources, manage and process the data, calculate the GHG emissions and report the results.


Supporting You in Your CSRD Journey

Things change fast in the world of European ESG compliance. With monthly updates and changing deadlines and requirements, businesses can be overwhelmed. The cost of not being up-to-date on the lastest regulations and compliance deadlines can be dangerous. SPARQ360 takes the fear out of CSRD compliance and reporting. We guide you through every step of the process and can help you meet your annual reporting obligations as well.

Double Materiality Assessment

How do you efficiently acquire knowledge of the required data points and engage both internal and external stakeholders in order to complete the double materiality assessment?

SPARQ360’s team of ESG experts have developed processes to engage the necessary stakeholders and collect the needed data in order to complete the double materiality assessment.

CSRD Data Collection and Reporting for all ESRS Categories

Can existing resources absorb the additional knowledge and processes in order to be CSRD compliant?

SPARQ360 has the resources, knowledge, processes and technology to keep companies CSRD compliant with minimal effort from existing company resources.

Stakeholder Engagement & Sustainability Communications

How do you keep your employees and external stakeholders engaged and motivated to participate in the success of your sustainability program?

SPARQ360’s Sustainability team can provide employee engagement support and formulate communication channels for internal and external stakeholders.

Social Impact Measurement & Reporting

Most companies are focused on Social issues, but how is the message of your efforts getting to internal and external stakeholders?

SPARQ360’s ESG reporting platform is comprehensive in all Environmental, Governance, and Social categories.

Start Your Sustainability Journey

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