Sustainability Project Management

for companies wanting to engage their employees, communities, and other stakeholders as part of their sustainability program or to meet compliance obligations.

Are you struggling to engage your employees and stakeholders?

Stakeholder Engagement & Sustainability Communications

When planning and implementing a sustainability program, many leaders are caught off guard by the complexity and challenges of engaging their stakeholders. Geographically dispersed companies or those with a large number of employees can find it difficult to motivate and communicate across their workforce – not to mention with the wide variety of external stakeholders.

How can you, with limited resources, keep your employees and external stakeholders engaged and motivated to contribute to the success of your sustainability program?

SPARQ360 has the resources, knowledge, processes, and technology to help accelerate your sustainability program by increasing internal and external stakeholder engagement. Find out what we can do to help you.

Getting Input From The Floor To Improve Warehouse Ops

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John Gilbert

John Gilbert

Gilbert Sachs Group

Gilbert Sachs Group
Warehouse Process Change Implementation

Sustainability Project Management

Businesses today must balance many priorities to stay competitive. Keeping costs within budget is a high priority. Who will step in when sustainability or supply chain initiatives that will help drive the company’s future need to be implemented? Most companies don’t have extra resources to jump in with a combination of supply chain, sustainability, and project management expertise that is Lean Six Sigma certified.

That is one of the things that distinguishes SPARQ360 from the rest: we do.

Our interdisciplinary team of project managers have not only the sustainability and supply chain experience and knowledge to drive your projects to on-time and in-budget completion, they also have in-depth knowledge of Lean principles and tools to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and deliver lasting results with minimal cost and strain on internal resources.

Tackle the increasing complexity of emissions calculations

Sustainable Supply Chain Optimization

Cost and service have historically been the primary factors in making supply chain decisions. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are now adding a new set of challenging variables.

Many companies struggle to define the emissions impact of their supply chain options and how to measure the benefits of the choices they make.

SPARQ360’s suite of emissions calculation and reporting platforms – combined with our deep knowledge and experience as a supply chain company – allow us to provide our clients with valuable insights into their options and support them in making optimal choices.

Network Analysis Using Data To Save Money

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