Supply Chain and Warehouse Design

for companies seeking to improve their existing warehouse through design, flow, slotting, or expansion of the facility.

Do you have challenges with poor warehouse flow, excessive handling, travel, or logjams at pack stations?

Improve Warehouse Flow and Productivity

SPARQ360 collects warehouse operation/production data and combines it with operational information via observation, interviews, and a review of metrics. We like to follow a “day in the life” of an order and map the flow from beginning to end. Once we understand the flow and production of the warehouse, we identify gaps or opportunities for improvement. Using LEAN processes such as Value Stream Map (VSM) and “Kaizen,” we work toward identifying and implementing positive change while creating a continuous improvement process.
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Do you lack the skilled resources to lead projects and drive change?

Initiate a Warehouse Start-Up

Do you need a new warehouse? Are you seeking an existing location or want a “build to suit”? We have vast experience determining best-fit options. We understand the real estate markets and can help you decide the best location and approach. SPARQ360 also provides Project Management (PM) resources and processes to set up the new facility. We understand the costs and challenges of racking installs, material handling equipment, WCS & robotics, and building infrastructure to support the IT, Security, and WMS technology.

Supply Chain Assessments
Solve your Cost, Quality, and Service Challenges

Other Services You Might Be Interested In

Our experts have expertise in every aspect of supply chain optimization – including sourcing and procurement, interim supply chain operations support, supply chain optimization, warehouse design, ESG compliance, LEAN process implementation, and more.

Sourcing and Procurement

We analyze your specific situation by gathering your detailed requirements and doing a current state assessment.

We operate your bidding process or advise you along the way.

Interim Supply Chain Operations Support

Should Fleets be used for the lanes and deliveries? What is the asset utilization of the tractors and trailers?

We understand asset utilization and where fleets are the best solution.

ESG Compliance

Do you follow best practices to optimize International? Should we contract directly with steamship lines, use forwarders, or use brokers?

We understand the nuances of international freight and have experience to implement best practices

LEAN Operations

Do you want to balance and optimize your network?

We have the tools, team, and processes to help.

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