Supply Chain Operations Support

for companies needing immediate leadership help with an existing supply chain operation, SPARQ360 can provide experienced resources – helping define a solution and implement to get results.

Do you have an immediate need for operational leadership?

Interim & Emergency Supply Chain Operational Support

If your operation is suffering and missing key customer needs, consider augmenting your staff with a seasoned warehouse operator with extensive LEAN experience. Our warehouse leaders have years of experience on the floor, driving change, and leading operations teams toward success. We have been in Q4 surges where volume exceeds the capacity of the operation. We know how to get new or temporary workers trained quickly and contribute to the team. We use LEAN tools, processes, and methods to drive accountability and responsibility closer to the floor – where the work is being done (Gemba).
Warehouse And Supply Chain Optimization Support

❝SPARQ360 has made a major contribution to Accupac by helping us implement lean tools to reduce cycle time and improve productivity.  They work with us in a thoughtful and professional manner and bring the team along to create ownership and commitment.❞

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Raj Lall


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Are your supply chain managers delivering the results and motivating your team?

Leadership Coaching

Sometimes, good warehouse people need coaching or support. We have experience training Managers, Supervisors, and Leads on the finer points of operation leadership. If your staff is solid but lacks experience, we can share the wisdom and experience from years of warehouse operations based on LEAN principles.
We can support your leadership team by teaching them to see waste, supporting them by creating a continuous improvement process, using assessments to define the most important opportunities, and getting all levels of the organization working to improve and drive value to your customers.

You have a plan. Now what?

Hands-On Training & Implementation

Our first step is to walk the floor (Gemba), meet key people doing the work, review your current metrics, and observe the operations. Some of the best input or ideas come from the people doing the work, and we create an environment conducive to collecting their input and getting the “buy-in” to work with us in some new ways, creating a continuous improvement process.

Sometimes, we provide some classroom training, but more of the knowledge is shared on the floor during the operation. SPARQ360 typically implements “Status at a Glance” (SAAG) visuals to track and measure key processes and results in the operation. The SAAG boards help the team understand if they are ahead or behind (winning or losing) in their day-to-day tasks.

Kaizen Lean Process Improvement
Solve your Cost, Quality, and Service Challenges

Other Services You Might Be Interested In

Our experts have expertise in every aspect of supply chain optimization – including sourcing and procurement, interim supply chain operations support, supply chain optimization, warehouse design, ESG compliance, LEAN process implementation, and more.

Service Procurement

We analyze your specific situation by gathering your detailed requirements and doing a current state assessment.

We operate your bidding process or advise you along the way.

Warehouse Design

Are you looking to alter or improve your existing warehouse? Is your warehouse flow inefficient, or is your productivity low?

We can help identify the issues causing your problems.

ESG Compliance

Do you follow best practices to optimize internationally? Should we contract directly with steamship lines, use forwarders, or use brokers?

We understand the nuances of international freight and have experience in implementing best practices.

LEAN Operations

Do you want to balance and optimize your network?

We have the tools, team, and processes to help.

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