Jaz Hereford

Consultant Sustainability

  • Sustainability consultant with expertise in international climate policy and renewable energy.
  • Worked closely with governmental bodies such as the EU’s DG Climate Action and the US Department of State Office of Global [climate] Change. 
  • CEO of degrow lab sustainable beverage company, where we’ve doubled in growth annually over the past 3 years. In this role I wear many, and all hats, from production, quality control, product development, design, sales, CRM, and logistics.
  • Contributed to key projects involving the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance, Climate Pact, support preparation for the implementation of LIFE programme 2021-2027, and Ex-ante impact assessment of the European Adaptation Strategy as part of the Green Deal. Assisted with the US Government’s preparations for COP24.
  • 4 years at Tesla on production pipeline management and recruiting for hardware and software engineering.
Areas of Expertise
  • Areas of expertise include global environmental policy, ESG, EU environmental policy CSRD and ESRS, EU Climate Adaptation Strategy, circularity, short supply chain, and food systems, Masters of Science, Sustainable Development, Utrecht University.