Greg Mack

Dotcom Fulfillment & Final Mile​

  • Transportation Operations executive with 15 years of Supply Chain experience in Parcel Dotcom Fulfillment, Carrier Contract Management, and Transportation Systems.   Best Buy Co., Inc. | Tractor Supply.
  • Strategy and implementation for Dotcom fulfillment transition from single to multi-carrier Parcel: Parcel Carrier Portfolio & Contracting, IT System Development (OMS, WMS), Distribution Operations and IT (Sortation) 
  • Transportation Operations & IT (TMS), Retail Operations and IT (OMS, RMS), Key Metrics & Reporting.
  • Implementation of sustainable carrier portfolio procurement strategy for Inbound and Dedicated Fleet Transportation. 
  • Transportation contract negotiation & management:  Parcel, Crowd-based, TL, Dedicated Fleets, Intermodal, LTL, and Rail.
Areas of Expertise
  • Areas of expertise include strategy development and implementation encompassing all key Supply Chain verticals: Manufacturing, Vendor / Merchant Sales, Inventory & Demand Planning, Transportation Op’s, Distribution Op’s, Retail & Dotcom Op’s, optimizing Dotcom fulfillment expense with delivery speed & performance, SME – National Parcel, USPS, Regional Parcel, Crowd-based delivery providers, Retailer owned Fleets, carrier portfolio strategies, contracting & managing carriers, KPI’s and structures for continuous performance improvement.